TANKTEMP KELVIN SERIES ULTRA-LOW TEMP -20°C CHILLERS 3HP and 5HP options. -40C option on 7HP and larger units


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The Kelvin™ series of stationary chillers are the result of 45 years of crafting chillers exclusively for breweries, distilleries and wineries and taking that knowledge and appealing to the processors of world.  

KELVIN™ SERIES chillers are our legendary chillers modified to hit the as low as-40°C, ( or colder upon request ) temperature range required for extraction.  Let's get low!  3HP and 5HP units are limited to -20C.  

Specialized compressors, valves, heat exchangers and pumps are required to achieve these temps.  With 45 years in the industry we know a thing or two.  

We have completed projects from 3HP to 44HP in this range, with larger designs in the works.  We look at each project as a custom call out and build to meet your needs.  

Our KELVIN SERIES chillers are Over-built in every way, in true Tanktemp style.

We feature more effective and durable designs, complete refrigeration units, larger reservoirs, more durable heat exchangers, compressors and controls. All wrapped in full stainless-steel frames.

Has your chiller lasted over ten years? Want one that will? We have thousands of units that have been in operation for over twenty years and hundreds that have thirty and even forty years of service. Few, if any, other manufacturers can say that. Quite simply, we have always made the best of the best.

Spanning the range from nano facilities to large, full-scale operations, KELVIN™ series units are available in configurations from 7HP to 200HP, with larger units and dual-stage units available.

The Kelvin™ series chillers are the best in their class, proven for decades as the go-to chillers you need.