We are all in this together. How can we help?

We are all in this together. How can we help?

June 10, 2024


The current events are impacting everyone. People first is always a good policy. The brewery, winery, and distillery communities have always banded together through fire, storms, good times, and hard times. As we always do, we will find a way to overcome the current events together. We are all in this together, and for 48 years we have been your partner and advocate as you navigate all your challenges, so if you need something, ask, we are here. 

All across the country, cities and states are ordering breweries, distilleries, and wineries to close to the public due to Coronavirus cases; though in some places you will be allowed to produce carryout and delivery orders. More states are likely to institute similar orders this week.

How are you coping with this? What are your contingency plans and how can the community support you? We are doing, and will do, everything we can to support you all. Post ideas and suggestions on our social media pages.  

Obviously on-premise sales are down, however off-premise sales are way up. 

We are on the phones all day. every day with as many of you as we can be and this is what we are hearing. This article is mirroring most of the conversations we are having with you all. 

Covid-19: How is it affecting the beer industry? 


Preventative Maintenance Checklist 

Are you local to us? Let us drop in! We are waving our normal fees for this and just want to make sure that a bad situation doesn’t become worse with a unit going down. 

Yesterday we saved 2 units from failure with simple fixes. One unit had a wiring issue, the other had a small leak that would have grown fast. Both would have taken the units off line. Losing product now is not an option. 

As refrigeration techs, we are concerned with your systems and making sure they keep up. While you continue producing and storing more product, you could be placing a load on your chiller that it isn’t ready to handle. If you have any questions, or aren’t sure how much you can do with your unit, give us a call. Whether Tanktemp made your chiller, or someone else, we’re happy to help. 

One of the most important things you can do for your equipment is make sure you have good airflow in, and around, your unit to work correctly. 

To help support our local business partners Tanktemp would like to come out and check on your refrigeration equipment. If you’re within an hour of us, we are waiving our regular drop-in service fee. You have enough to worry about right now, let us take away the added stress of wondering if your equipment is going to keep running. Just like many of you we’re a small, locally owned business, and in these trying times we believe we should all stick together.

Call   (503) 389-8818
Email. ttinfo@tanktemp.com 

Helpful Resources

Below are some resources we hope you will find useful.

This is a great time for planning and we are here to help. Let’s use this time as a win. If you have something you wanted done that would have had you down for a few days, let's do that now; let's see what we can do better. Let’s keep our industry moving. Businesses like you are the backbone of this country. At the end of the day everyone wants a nice cold beer or a glass of wine, let’s make sure we give them what they want. 

Nobody ever did amazing by sitting still… Let’s not sit still, let’s be safe and socially responsible, but let's not be still.

Once we get through this there will be a lot of pent up demand and we are coming into the busy season. If we can take a negative and make it a positive lets do that. 

Some good reads out there. We try to see every position on this and we read a lot.

Let’s ship some booze! Customers can’t come to you, so go to them. 

Lets face it, in good times people drink, and in hard times we need that drink just a little more.

Tanktemp’s part is helping you make products. We know shipping when it comes to chillers, but we are still going to try and help because that is what we do. 

Let’s talk to your customer base. Trust me, I am not running out of beer, wine, or liquor probably ever. But most people probably haven’t been around the brewery and winery industries for 45+ years. Social is going to be the platform people turn to. 

Your wine club is a great place for sales, offer them an extra case to get them through the next couple weeks.  A lot of us are working from home, have the kids, and still trying to keep the wheels of life going around. Yeah, we could use an extra case. Wine in cans is huge now and might be easier to ship? 

Breweries, you might need a beer club. I am sure a lot of you know how to ship beer. We really don’t have a lot of info on shipping products other than chillers. However we see it done every day.  Lets up and ship out. 

How many of you have experience with groups like these guys? 


We would love to hear your tips on shipping. Go to our social media and share. 

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