Scheduled Maintenance Agreement

When you choose a Scheduled Maintenance Agreement with Tanktemp, you’re getting peace of mind that your refrigeration equipment will be running when you need it the most.

Contact us now to see when we will be in your area. Routes include all Oregon, Washington, and California. 

We are happy to talk about your needs and clearly explain what you can expect from your Scheduled Maintenance Agreement.

Equipment downtime costs companies billions in lost revenue each year. One of the leading causes of downtime is infrequent, or nonexistent, equipment maintenance. You can reduce or eliminate lost production, labor, and product with proper preventative maintenance.

Equipment can’t last forever. Equipment obsolescence poses a significant risk to operations but preventive maintenance can help reduce operational risk. Proper maintenance reduces the probability of failure and downtime, increases overall equipment effectiveness, improves safety, equipment life span, and increases productivity.


A scheduled maintenance agreement is planned downtime. As its name suggests, planned downtime is scheduled and performed on your schedule so it doesn’t interfere with your business.


Tanktemp’s maintenance plans go beyond simple checkups to investigate parts and systems that may be coming under duress, and catches any problems early so that they don’t turn into big headaches later.

A preventative maintenance contract does not cover emergencies, repairs, or replacement parts, but does reduce them. 


What to expect from your chiller maintenance agreement

Building your chiller maintenance agreement starts with a thorough review of your chiller system. 

Next, you’ll receive a detailed contract written in plain English.

What else can you expect?

  • A detailed report for every maintenance call performed
  • Priority scheduling in the event an emergency does arise
  • A discount on repair services and replacement parts
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