Tanktemp for Craft Brewers

Tanktemp for craft brewers


Craft breweries have their own special set of needs when it comes to chillers.

Tanktemp has specialized in the needs of the start-up to mid-range brewery for over 45 years. Our exclusive designs have set the bar for effortless maintenance, rapidly and efficiently reaching the low temps and fast crash times required for all the functions of the brewery. As the lifeblood of your operation, we make our units the most failsafe and serviceable in the industry. We make every effort to give every component of a Tanktemp unit the longest life cycle and the shortest possible lead time to repair or replace if needed. We don’t make things complicated to make it so only “our trained service techs” can work on them; we make them so any service tech can work on them and repair or replace non-proprietary part.

When selecting the chiller for your brewery call us and let’s talk about the components that make a chiller, and what the different types of compressors and other key components really mean to your lifetime ownership and performance. In 45 years there isn’t much we haven’t seen, worked on or built. Using the right components and craftsmanship is important in functionality and reliability in your business. And even if you don’t have a Tanktemp chiller now, Tanktemp can maintain the chiller you have.

Tanktemp for craft brewers

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