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Curt Jungwirth, an inventor who holds several patents, and believe we can always make it better.

"Just because it hasn't been done before doesn't mean it can't be" - Curt 

You will often find Curt looking over a unit before we crate it up and teaching us all something new from his 50 plus years of building glycol systems.  

With a mind brimming with practical ideas, Jungwirth adds after each, “One thing at a time. Each thing worth doing is worth doing right."

Curt current role is more in R&D of new products, but is still in the shop everyday making sure the way we build things today still meet his exceptions. Curt is alway looking for a new challenge. His old school ways married with our in-house engineers give us the best of both worlds. 

By taking advantage of the natural laws of physics, Tanktemp's Liquid Heat Pump system yields an average 3.8 coefficiency of performance.




We are the American muscle of the liquid heating and chilling world. Our equipment is effective, efficient, and built to last. We are simply the best at heating and chilling in the beverage industries. This is what we do.

Tanktemp Control offers our customers energy-efficient alternatives for equipment in wineries, breweries, and distilleries. We most accurately control the temperature of your products in the most effective method possible.

Not only built better, we have pioneered and patented several products based upon the industry’s only Liquid Heat Pump™ for heating or chilling liquids.

More control, faster results, less energy. This is what we’re about.

Over thousands have trusted us with their glycol heating and chilling needs since 1972. 



Save you energy

We are all about energy efficiency. All of our products, including our conventional heaters and chillers, as well as products with our Liquid Heat Pump™ and our exclusive Direct-Exchange™ heat-exchanger, push the limits of heat transfer to be as efficient as possible.

Even after over 45 years we are still constantly improving.

Save you time

When timing is critical, we have you covered. We move more thermal energy faster than anyone else. The best of the best, our Liquid Heat Pump™ boasts an average 3.8 coefficient of performance (COP) factor, meaning these units are about four times faster than conventional solutions.

Our Duo-DX units can do the work up to 70% faster.

Save you money

Our products are competitively priced, boast built-to-last, ultra-rugged construction, energy-efficiency and unmatched speed. Everything we do is about saving you money. Tanktemp Control is here to help your bottom line.

Our prices are a little higher than some, and a little lower than others. Higher than the cheap options because we won't build crap. Lower than the big boys because we don’t have multimillion-dollar buildings, don’t spend seven figures each year on marketing, and we don’t have forty people on staff. We always do more with less.


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James Cahill, Soter Vineyards

"We simply could not makes the quality of wines we do without Tanktemp's equipment. The Duo DX specifically allows us to make rapid temperature changes we simply can't with other products. This thing is fast and precise."

Ken Wright, Ken Wright Cellars

"Timing is important. We want to get to temperature as quickly and efficiently as possible. With Tanktemp Control's equipment we can take a one-and-a-half ton fermentor that has been in a deep, cold soak to 65 degrees in 10 minutes."