Barrel rooms are part of your glycol system not your HVAC system. 

Temperature control 

Tanktemp understands how your winery works and the importance of the barrel rooms. Keeping the target temp of both barrel rooms at 55F-60F for your red wines is an easy task for Tanktemp. Most projects we size the chiller to maintain the tanks and barrel room with the same system. 

Humidity control 

Most of our clients target 70-80% humidity in the barrel room. Glycol fan coil help to maintain this level. Some groups will target high humidity levels. 

Why Glycol vs HVAC

The more evaporate you have the more product you loose, the product you loose the less profit you make. Glycol fan coil are better at maintaining humidity. HVAC systems ( mini-splits, residential/commercial HVAC systems ) are designed to maintain your home between 30-50% humidity. You want your barrel room to be humid not your house. Glycol coils help to maintain higher levels of humidity. 

Fan coils can also maintain your production and flex spaces. 

Tanktemp portable fan coils! Put the cold where you want it!