Tanktemp Glycol Chiller Services

Tanktemp Glycol Chiller Install


  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Chiller install and start-up service
  • Plumbing install and expansion


Tanktemp's local service footprint covers the majority of Oregon and Washington.  Tanktemp also offers national service through a partnership network.




Regular rates 8AM – 4PM Monday – Friday

After hour/Weekends after 4 PM, Saturday/Sunday/Holidays



Coil cleaning  

NU-BRITE COIL CLEANING. Never pressure wash your chiller! Doing so will damage the coil.


Cleaning your condenser coils regularly will let your chiller run cooler with less energy. The best time to clean your air conditioner is in the spring, just before you anticipate using it for the first time in the year.


Heat exchanger backflush

This should be done once a year. Tanktemp units do not use plate exchangers.




Tanktemp will start up your new Tanktemp unit by connecting to customer supplied power and plumbing. Available within a 3 hour drive from Newberg OR. Additional charges for further travel. This is for a 13.5HP or smaller unit, larger units would be a custom bid.

No Parts. This service includes assisting with the setting of the unit, installing of customer supplied glycol, hookup to pre-installed plumbing and electrical outlet (electrician may be required), starting the unit, completing install check off list, setting unit to factory specs, and running unit on site.  If you use your own technician, Tanktemp or a Tanktemp partner, this will meet the warranty check off requirements. Call for nationwide options.  Does not include shipping. 




Tanktemp was born as a service company in 1972. We specialize in new install and additions.  Full in-house design and engineering. All plumbing installs are custom bids. Call and schedule now, as we are normally booked out months in advance, for this service.  We also offer repair services.



Good maintenance starts with a first-rate plan.
You can make sure your chiller system investment gets off to the right start with a Tanktemp In-Warranty Support Agreement. Tanktemp chiller systems are sold with a 2-year warranty, but they still require prescribed maintenance during the first year. The In-Warranty Support Agreement goes above and beyond the standard warranty to provide critical first year services such as: new equipment startup validation (required to be filled to activate your warranty by installer), periodic inspections, and benchmarking reports. We suggest an inspection of the unit every 6 months to assure that you are off to a good start. This service includes all the inspections listed above and any items covered by the warranty.


The Scheduled Agreement. Maintenance that’s anything but basic.

Under our Scheduled Agreement offering, you plan, schedule or manage routine maintenance in advance for a discounted rate. Tanktemp technicians perform the periodic maintenance needed to keep your systems running at their best. Tanktemp technicians are fully trained, to service both Tanktemp equipment and any other brand. And, because all our maintenance is delivered with a planned approach, we can provide the highest quality service at a lower cost than the impromptu service calls.