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1PH FLA 55 AMP MOC 90 AMP 208-240V 

3-PH FLA 37 AMP MOC 60 AMP 208-240V

Length 64” - Width 36” - Height 52” /  975 LBS ship weight

4 port manifold 3/4" QD standard 1" option / 85gal reservoir / Gas 407A / Adjustable Line PSI / temp range to 0°

UL listed


The ICEBERG SOLO™ PORTABLE CHILLER CC series are ultra-heavy-duty chilling units.  It is hard to beat the original, since 1972 this unit has set the standard for reliability, performance and innovation in the industry.  Also the original portable chiller.  

Has your chiller lasted over 10 years? Want one that will? We have close to 1,000 units that have been in operation for over 20 years and hundreds that have 30-40 years of service. Few, if any, other manufacturers can say that. Quite simply, we have always made the best of the best and the CC-53 is the original Tanktemp design. 

Delivering up to 60,000BTU with the 5-horsepower model, these units easily meet the high-volume demands of your winery.

Don’t let the ridiculously rugged construction fool you; this is a precision instrument for rapid heat exchange with incredible energy efficiency.

Tough, precise, efficient and competitively priced, the CC series chillers are a no-brainer and your go-to option for high-volume chilling.


• 85-gallon insulated stainless steel reservoir
- Larger reservoirs to allow for constant temperature control for high-capacity needs

• Tanktemp’s custom coaxial high-efficiency heat exchanger for the highest effective BTU transfer
- Counter-flow freon and glycol through the oversized tubing to reduce freezing damage and increase flow and surface contact area.

• Our own custom oversized condensor/evaporator for fast thermal air exchange
- We exchange more thermal energy with the air, more rapidly, than anyone else - for super-efficient heating OR chilling with one device

• Webtrol™ high-efficiency, corrosion-resistant pump
- Up to 65GPM flow rate, adjustable
- Up to 30psi line pressure to ensure proper flow to your wine tank, adjustable to below 14.9PSI - Fluid bypass valve allows the unit to self control needed flow and pressure

• Dual Ranco™ switched thermostats to control glycol tank temperature
- One for heat, one for cool
- For ease of use, ease of access and simplicity in operation

• Ranco™ dual pressure switch
- Protects the compressor

• Dual fans
- Fast, more effective heat transfer

- Strong, lightweight and rust-free  - Two locking rubber wheeled casters

• Fully portable, mounted on heavy-duty casters, and includes a 25-foot electrical cord
- Maximize available floorspace by minimizing square footage dedicated to non-portable equipment
- Reconfigure your setup quickly and easily

• Solid copper tubing
- Guarantees years of trouble-free service

• 4-port manifold with either 3/4” or optional 1” quick disconnect fittings

• Fully factory-tested for 24 hours before delivery

Custom options (480V) and sizes (up to 150-horespower) available

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