The Sahara line of stationary heaters


The Sahara line of heaters.  More efficient and effective.

When it comes to generating warm glycol process fluid, 70 to 100 F, there are a few options to look at. The two main options for heating are electric or gas heat with a third, but less common method of heating is a heat pump.

Our E and G series heaters are as powerful as they come. Traditional electric heaters or gas is used to heat. 

Heat pumps are nothing new, you might have one on your house. If you do, you know the efficiency they offer over traditional heating solutions. This is where we step away from the traditional ways and shine even brighter.

Tanktemp has been heating and cool glycol since 1972. Since 1984 we have been offering our exclusive 'Liquid Heat Pump" technology that is up 3.8 times more efficient. 

Refrigeration involves moving heat from one place or medium to another by the use of refrigerants. Tanktemp’s heat pump technology allows a unit to heat glycol by taking advantage of this process and reversing the flow of refrigerant. Running an electric motor and absorbing the "latent heat' the heat in the air. 

These units are significantly more energy-efficient than standard electric heating. This is because the unit is using the compressor vs electric heat strips. Just like all heat pumps, once the latent heat is used up in the air our units automatically switch to traditional backup heat strips at about 35F.  

Science of latent heat. Q=mL 

Q is the amount of energy released or absorbed during the change of phase of the substance
m is the mass of the substance 
L is the specific latent heat for a particular substance either Lf for fusion or Lv for vaporization.
Basically, we change the 'phase' or state of the refrigerant in the unit to create heat vs what we when we build a chiller. This is also how a chiller removes the heat, so with our patented process, we do all the chilling backward to create efficient heat. 

Want to know more? Ask us for our whitepaper on the Sahara heaters. 


Traditional electric heaters or gas heaters models. 

Sahara 200-E 200K BTU/HR Electric or Gas 

Sahara 300-E 300K BTU/HR Electric or Gas 

Sahara 400-E 400K BTU/HR Electric or Gas


Tanktemp exclusive High Efficient Heat Pump glycol heaters models.

Sahara 60-HE   “Electric Heat Pump” offering 60,000 BTU/HR of heat while up to 3.8 times more efficient 

Sahara 120-HE “Electric Heat Pump” offering 120,000 BTU/HR of heat while up to times more efficient

Sahara 240-HE “Electric Heat Pump” offering 240,000 BTU/HR of heat while up to3.8 times more efficient


Technical spec sheets are available upon request. 

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